Anna Maria Horsford was born in New York City on March 6, 1948. Her West Indian father, Victor Horsford, owned a grocery store in Harlem and made sure his four children grew up with a strong sense of pride in their own cultural heritage.

A familiar face to tv viewers, Anna has guest starred in such tv shows as "L.A. Law," "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air," "Moesha" and "The District." She was a regular in the daytime drama "The Guiding Light." She was also a regular in "Rhythm & Blues," "The Wayans Bros." "Tall Hopes" and "Method & Red" but it was her role as Thelma Frye in the hit NBC series "Amen" that brought her to everyone’s attention.

Anna's telefilm credits include "Hollow Image," "Benny’s Place," "Taken Away" and "Baby Brokers." Her feature film credits include "Times Square," "Class," "Street Smart," "Set It Off," "One Fine Day," "Along Came a Spider," "Friday," "Once Upon A Time When We Were Colored" and "Minority Report."

Anna’s theater credits include "Advice to the Players," "Peep," "For Colored Girls" and "Les Femmes Noire." She also directed the television series "Good News" for producer Ed Weinberger and was honored by the Director's Guild of America as one of the few female African-American directors in the industry.

Anna's film credits include the following:

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