News for 9/4/2010

The Emmys: As White As Ever By Regina King@The Huffington Post

Since the Emmy ceremony, I have been going back and forth about whether or not I should compose this letter. I try hard in my daily life not to engage in uncomfortable situations regarding race. But sometimes it's very difficult to find other reasons that better explain why certain events play out the way they do. It is impossible for me to ignore the published statistics regarding the number of people of color mentioned, celebrated or honored in the history of the televised Emmys. Up to and including this year, there have been only 53 non-white actors nominated for Emmys out of nearly 1,000 possible nominations in the top four acting categories for drama and comedy.

I've worked in television nearly all of my professional life, and that statistic is quite sobering to me. And to add injury to my already sensitive nerve endings a picture of Rutina Wesley from True Blood, who attended this year's Emmys, had a caption that read: "Regina King enters the 62nd Emmys." No, I wasn't there. Mistakes happen, right? Well after a few "mistakes" of how people of color are portrayed in the Hollywood media, I decided it was important to say something about how things go down in Hollywood.

The initial pull on my heart strings was not seeing the veteran Sesame Street actress Alaina Reed Hall included in this year's memoriam. I know I am taking it somewhat personally because of the history I shared with her, but then I stopped to think about the fact that she was on Sesame Street for 12 years, a show that is an American institution. People of all ages and generations have seen and enjoyed this highly influential television show. You have to admit, to not recognize her contribution to television baffles the mind. I first wondered, maybe I had turned my head quickly and missed seeing Alaina's picture scroll past the screen or she was mentioned later. But no such luck.

I am assuming other actors have lost someone close to them who weren't recognized during that segment of previous Emmy telecasts. So I will take the stats about people of color out of my complaint and pose an essential question on behalf of any television artist of note working in our business. What is the process in determining who will and will not be recognized during the Emmy memoriam?

News for 1/18/2007

'Miss Congeniality 2' Star to Divorce

Actress has been married since 1997

Regina King, who partnered up with Sandra Bullock in "Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous, is splitting with her real-life partner.

The 36-year-old actress has filed for divorce from her husband Ian Alexander, according to published reports.

In the documents filed on Nov. 8, 2006, she cited "irreconcilable differences."

The couple wed in April 1997. They have a son together, Ian, Jr.

Alexander once served as the vice president of the now-defunct Qwest Records, which was distributed by Warner Bros. Records.

King's film credits include "Ray," "Jerry Maguire," "Legally Blonde 2" and "Enemy of the State."

She's also recognized for playing Marla Gibbs' daughter Brenda on "227" and recently finished appearing in the sixth season of "24" playing President David Palmer's (Dennis Haysbert) sister Sandra.

News for 7/17/2006

'24' Adds Two More

Woodside becomes regular, King joins cast

LOS ANGELES -- David Palmer is dead and buried, but his family will still be a presence on "24" next season.

In the show's latest round of casting, the FOX thriller has made DB Woodside, who's had a recurring part as Palmer's (Dennis Haysbert, now on CBS' "The Unit") brother, a regular for the forthcoming sixth season. Regina King ("Ray") has also joined the cast, playing his sister.

Woodside's character, Wayne Palmer, will follow in his late brother's footstep by assuming the presidency, taking over from the twitchy and traitorous Charles Logan (Gregory Itzin). King's character, Angela, is a "powerful advocacy lawyer," according to FOX.

How the two new regulars will play into the story of Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) in the coming season remains to be seen. FOX isn't dropping any details about the season-six plot, although Sutherland has said it will focus at least in part on Jack trying to save his own skin.

Woodside has appeared in the third and fifth seasons of "24." His credits also include "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Romeo Must Die" and "Murder One."

The series will be the first live-action TV work for King since she co-starred in the short-lived NBC comedy "Leap of Faith" a few seasons back. She also voices Huey and Riley on Adult Swim's "The Boondocks."

In addition to "Ray," her film credits include "Jerry Maguire," "Legally Blonde 2" and "Enemy of the State."

News for 3/5/2006

Women In Law (ABC)

Regina King ("Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous") is in talks and Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon (Nora Gage on "Eyes") and Jill Ritchie ("Herbie: Fully Loaded") are set to join the cast of the drama pilot, about a group of women working at a law firm. The trio would join the previously cast Kelli Williams in the Sony Pictures Television-based hour, which comes from creators Steven Banks and Claudia Grazioso. Carl Beverly and Sarah Timberman of 25C Productions also serve as executive producers on the project, which Robert Luketic is directing.

News for 3/27/2005

Bullock and King on Miss Congeniality 2

Source: Andrew Weil

Sandra Bullock reprises her role as FBI agent Gracie Hart in the Warner Bros. sequel Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, opening Thursday, March 24.

The story catches up with Hart shortly after she successfully disarmed a threat against the Miss United States Pageant while working undercover as a contestant in the first film. Having become a media celebrity following her heroic pageant exploits, Gracie has been spending more time lately at the salon than the shooting range, working the talk show circuit and promoting her book. When her friends, pageant winner Cheryl and emcee Stan, are kidnapped in Las Vegas, Gracie's all-out efforts to jump back into action to save them puts her at loggerheads with the FBI top brass who don't want to risk losing their mascot and fear she might not be up to the job anymore.

Sandra Bullock is joined by Regina King in the movie. "It's about a love story, we auditioned together, they always audition men and women, we had that chemistry," said Bullock. "Regina was the last person we saw and I said, 'I want to go hang with her for 30 minutes,' so we sat down for 30 minutes, and by the end, I knew more about her life and she knew more about my life and I was like, please let it be this person cause she now has all the juice. And she worked." (Read More...)