Samaria Graham was born in Yonkers, New York on July 5. She joined The First All Children’s Theater at the age of 13. She attended La Guardia High School, the school in which the movie and tv show "Fame" is based on. Samaria graduated from Fredonia College where she majored in Theater Performance.

Samaria’s stage work includes "The Nightingale," "Hair" and "The Good Times Are Killing Me."

Her tv guest starring roles include "Law & Order," "M.A.N.T.I.S," "The Sentinel," "Malcolm & Eddie," "Touched By An Angel" "Girlfriends" and "Martial Law." She was a series regular in "Blossom" and "Providence."

Samaria’s telefilm credits include "Reform School Girl," "On The Line" and "David & Lisa." Her feature film credits include "Renaissance Man," "Children Of The Corn IV" and "Nothing To Lose."

Samaria’s musical talent include playing the guitar and song writing. One of her projects was a title track on the late Tupac Shakur’s spoken word cd.

Samaria's film credits include the following:

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